We eight at Brown Dwarf Records first found common ground in our mutual obsessions over the expansive world of music. Follow that up with our nerdy passion for vinyl and you've found where we stand united as a collective! Naturally, we are collectors ourselves and we constantly crave more of it! If you are planning on releasing your music on vinyl (or some other medium) and think that we can assist in accomplishing that goal, feel free to reach us through any of the external outlets provided above; all it takes to join the crew is a majority vote, wouldn't you know, and with all the weirdos on-board here at BDR, there's no telling what we will be willing to add to the label-roster. We're always excited about the idea of a fun new project and always want to hear more good work, so be sure and include some tunes too!

      We should also mention that these various accounts can be used to reach us for just about anything, ranging from: website issues, demo submissions, suggestions, questions (relevant or random), or even to make statements of high praise and exaltation! Ultimately, they should all lead to the same eight people, so whatever suits your fancy should suit us well too.