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      Rebelle Fleur is a newly formed band from the Philippines. An explosive garage-rock quartet, this band is the fiery phoenix arisen from the remains of the band, Meditate, after it had experienced a falling-out. The turn in events left memembers Paolo Bermal and Jude Cruz in need of new members and a new name, as well as with a handful of demos from their closing days with Meditate. The two began recording a new EP at Into Entropy Recordings with Raphael Pulgar when they settled on the present name, Rebelle Fleur. Soon after, the fledgling band recruited two new members, Charles Villanueva (on drums) and Jude Eslera (on bass-guitar) to complete the rhythym section. With a full band together, they've completed their first EP, entitled The Blashuvec.

      Together with Cult Shit Media Blackout, Brown Dwarf plans to release this record in the coming future. Stay tuned-in for more developments as we progress with these plans.