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      Gliese is one of many different monikers that jam-wizard, Raphael Pulgar, performs under. Just one of the manifestations of this talented individual, Gliese is currently crafted as a solo act. With Raphael shredding on the guitar, the original Gliese demos were formed. To really bring home the D.I.Y. ethos, Raphael show-cases some of his amassing skills in music-production. Through his recent endeavours at Into Entropy Recordings (another project of Raphael's), Raphael has not only written these Gliese tracks, but is responsible for recording, mixing, and mastering them as well (and will continue to do so). This sort of dedication to one's craft is something fans of music (underground or not) can seriously appreciate, as these daunting tasks are certainly no child's errand.

      With only two tracks on file, Gliese is an act largely unheard of. Busy as ever, focusing on Into Entropy, Gliese has been at a lull getting new music out. However, with remasters of the first two demo tracks, Raphael's music has been taken up by Brown Dwarf as both their and his individual debuts on the scene. This new alignment of forces brings about the promise of a little known follow-up to the primary demos. Stay on the look-out for new developments on Gliese as this cosmic phenomena continues to unfurl.