Brown Dwarf is an independent record label owned and operated by a small group of friends, old and new; the cumulative result of eight rabid enthusiasts of music trying to take our passions to celestial heights.

      Originally, the label was borne of the failure of another started a few years off, after realising that a vinyl-oriented label was more than one could handle alone (in no way suggesting it cannot be done, but rather that this ONE could not...). Unwilling to just let the idea wither and die, the project was rekindled and grew from one sole member to a quintet. With the advent of a new collective, new thoughts and ideas were brought to the table and a general overhaul was called for. Thus came Brown Dwarf; a new entity in and of itself. Still, we wanted to bring more to our team so that our ideas wouldn't eventually pigeon-hole us into any one niche as a label and to ensure that we could properly finance quality releases for our talented artists, present and future, for their fans, for our fans, and for us as well! With that in mind, one of our members extended an invitation to two old friends, one of which whom was already underway drafting plans to begin a vinyl-centric label with a friend of his. Together we formed an alliance with these final three members to give Brown Dwarf that final edge we were angling for and formed the octet that we now are.

      Hugely enamored with music culture of various backgrounds, we've taken our thoughts,opinions, ideas, and plans together to give real life to these hopes we all share of offering something of substance to that sonic world we adore. Whether it's a project of our own as members of this collective or something someone else has put together that we would like to see have a vinyl treatment, Brown Dwarf exists to collaboratively see those intentions through and bring new (and possibly old) music into your ears (and of course, your hands).


Your browser cannot seem to handle displaying this level of pysical perfection.       Borne of the grim and frostbitten mountains of Colorado, this nomad called Diego presently finds himself in Texas. There, he actively toils as a sound and mixing engineer, and as a producer. Diego is also an accomplished, self-taught musician; like a moth to a flame he obsesses over new instuments until they "work".
      Currently residing and studying in Florida, but native to our second home in Illinois, Erik currently holds our "sound-guy" title, serving as the final check before any production begins that the audio has been appropriately EQ'd for a proper vinyl treatment. He is an active producer and a musician with some serious talent; don't be surprised if you see his name pop up on our roster somewhere either! Your browser cannot seem to handle displaying this level of pysical perfection.
Your browser cannot seem to handle displaying this level of pysical perfection.       Native to Brown Dwarf's primary home, Califonia, Evan now serves Brown Dwarf to the northwestern side of the U.S. where he has begun studying up in Washington state. His keen ear for eccentric music and his own talents with an axe, along with his overwhelming enthusiasm for music, bring much to us as a group. Expect to see some Evan-featured jams in our future!
      Out of Illinois, and now in California, John sits with Ryan at the heart of Brown Dwarf operations where they will be worked like dogs for short periods of time while they handle the physical aspects of this gig. New to collecting vinyl, his "hands-do" attitude make it the ideal format for him in a digital age, and makes him a prime candidate for onerous mailorder activities. John is also an axe-man hovering above novice and is always striving to better wield his weapon, but is most notorious for a lethargic tenacity that unapologetically accomplishes goals with easedespite persistent procrastination. Go figure; all we can say is that it seems to work. Your browser cannot seem to handle displaying this level of pysical perfection.
Your browser cannot seem to handle displaying this level of pysical perfection.       Hailing from Europe's southeast-central Serbia, Milos is presently the sole member actually residing in our second-home, Illinois. From his seat of unhindered power, our very own holier-than-thou music snob uses his elitist ears and is ever-examining the expanses for exciting new eligibles for Brown Dwarf to become entangled with. Milos actually doubles up at Brown Dwarf and another label with label-mate, Ryan. He's also got a real knack for stumbling upon large explosions which he then dramatically walks away from as well. He could have been responsible for Chernobyl through some quantum, time-warp or something, and he could have behind Fukushima; only the photos will tell.
      All the way from South Korea comes the one and only PJ himself. Presently inactive as a member of the group, he has been back home on the peninsula serving the standard South Korean citizen conscription into their armed forces. We, all of us, look forward to his return to school in Chicago and his seat as our "art-guy". Aside from the fact that he is probably learning how to effectively rip you to shreds right now, his hand at guitar has been heading up a steady incline since he recently picked one up. On the other hand, those same hands wielding a paint-brush or pencil or anything of the sort is what has him holding the title he does. With his impending return his work will eventually speak for itself. Your browser cannot seem to handle displaying this level of pysical perfection.
Your browser cannot seem to handle displaying this level of pysical perfection.       From the home-state, California, Raskal mans the northwestern front with fellow dwarf, Evan, in the state of Washington. His tastes in music, when compared to the rest of the group as a whole, may seem somewhat eccentric, but we feel that this will only add to the ambiguity that is to surround the future of BDR releases. Raskal is also known to jam out on the drums from time-to-time, if he's not too busy pursuing his obsession with mushrooms that is. They'll probably save the world though, so that's a-okay.
      Essentially, the least musically-inclined of the group, Ryan has served Brown Dwarf in being the founder of the doomed label used to initiate the formation of the Brown Dwarf. In between those events, he has seen the development of an entirely separate label through to a few releases (and still going) and gleaned (and is still gleaning) many a valuable lesson from the whole experience that will undoubtedly bring much to our own efforts. Originally from the far-east nation of Malaysia, he is currently with Brown Dwarf from California. Your browser cannot seem to handle displaying this level of pysical perfection.